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RULES — The fine print


  1. The winning number is generated by the PHP rand() function on's holonet server. Each of the six digits are an individual random integer request between 0 and 9.
  2. Lottery is run daily.
  3. All lottery transactions are handled via the Galatic Hypermatch Lottery Holosite in conjunction with the Galactic Gaming Corp's account system.
  4. Results will be posted immediately.
Tickets and payments
  1. All ticket numbers must be submitted in the format XXXXX-X. Digits may repeat (e.g. 11111-1).
  2. No limit on number of tickets purchased.
  3. Cuttoff point for ticket purchases is when the system runs the drawing script.
  4. All ticket sales are final.
  5. Tickets are good for the lottery roll they are certified for only.
  6. Tickets are non-transferrable.
  1. There may be more than one ticket with identical numbers, and thus multiple winners (or no winners) at every level.
  2. The JACKPOT amount is split evenly among all holders of the winning ticket number (claimed or not). All lower tier wins are paid in full to each winner.
  3. Non-jackpot wins are subject to aggregate limits. Total aggregate win at each individual tier cannot exceed jackpot amount. In the event aggregate limit is hit, amount will be split evenly among each winning ticket (claimed or not).
  4. All payouts are in Star Wars Combine credits unless otherwise noted.
  5. Jackpot amount is guaranteed to be fully funded at time of lottery roll.
  6. Winners are responsible for claiming wins. UNCLAIMED TICKETS WILL NOT BE PAID.
  7. Winning tickets must be claimed within 14 days.
  8. Each ticket pays the highest win only.
  9. All lower-tier amounts are paid automatically by the GGC account system. Jackpots are verified and authorized by administrators.
  10. Upon payout of the jackpot, the jackpot amount reverts to 5,000,000 credits unless otherwise announced.
  11. Jackpot payout is the value of the jackpot on the date of the run the winning ticket is certified for.
  1. is intended for gaming in the Star Wars Combine universe only. No other uses are expressed or implied.
  2. is not repsonsible for omissions or errors on the site.
These rules are subject to modifications, additions and subtractions at any time. will announce changes to the rules on the main page.