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About the account system
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Star Wars Combine

ABOUT THE NEW SYSTEM's new account system will change the way players interact with our games. Instead of dealing with a relatively clunky email-and-darkness system of reconciliation, our new account system will allow everything to be managed online both by players and administrators.

The account system will also allow us to add NEW GAMES, all of which can be played using the same account and credit pool. GGC credits represent REAL STAR WARS COMBINE CREDITS. You are playing in real time with and for real cash!

Funding your account

To fund your account, send any amount of credits via darkness to the current payment administrator, Rand Axim. In the notes field of your transfer, please write "Galactic Gaming account". Then you MUST go to the GGC Teller and create a deposit request for your credits. Do these as accurately and as close together as possible, or delays may result.

Credits should be added to your account witin 24 hours. If you do not receive them within that time period, DM the administrator to remind him.

Withdrawing credits

Withdrawing credits will be done through the GGC Teller. Entering a withdraw request will verify your balance and generate a notification for our administrators. You should receive your credits within 24 hours. Again if you do not receive them within that time period, contact an administrator.

Managing your account

Once you have signed up and logged in, you can access your account information page by clicking on your username in the status bar. Email addresses are not verified, so make sure you enter it correctly!

Account rules

Accounts MUST use real SWC handles, and this must be confirmed after signup either by funding the account or sending a darkness message to the administrator. Accounts balances are non-transferrable at this time. Administrators can edit account names if necessary.


Our databases will be backed up regularly and have built-in safeguards to protect against data loss and fraud. Your credits are safe with us!

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