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About us

What is the Galactic Gaming Corporation?

The GGC is a non-faction entity in the Star Wars Combine universe. It primarily focuses on gaming and gambling through this Holosite, enhancing players' experiences by providing alternative means to earn and spend real in-game credits.

Who is behind the GGC?

The GGC grew out of the success surrounding the original Galactic Hypermatch Lottery, the brainchild of Rand Axim and Tariqat Granur. In an effort to streamline handling of players, credits and winnings, the GGC Holosite was created by Rand.

Is the GGC part of another faction?

Although both Rand and Tariqat are members of formal factions, the GGC itself is neutral and is not associated with any faction. All beings across the galaxy are welcome to create accounts and play on the GGC Holosite.

Can I trust the GGC with my credits?

Absolutely. Our system was built from the ground up specifically for Combine gaming. It is secure, safe and reliable. We have handled thousands of transactions, handling many millions of credits, and have not had a single accounting error, failure or instance of theft. Rand Axim, who handles most of the credit transactions for the GGC, is a well-known trader, recognized middle and has a "good" rating on the Enigma traders list, one of the quickest to attain that status. In short we survive -- and thrive -- on our trustworthiness. It would do us no good to rip anyone off.

Can I join/invest/will you ever become a faction?

At the moment we are not looking for assistance or investors. In the future the GGC may become a faction and at that time we will look for members and possible investment.

Holosite questions

How do I join?

Simply fill out the short registration form with your SWC handle, an email you can receive site notifications at, and a password. You will then need to send the current administrator, Rand Axim, a DM OR make a deposit into your account, in order to verify it and remove the unverified status flag. Unverified accounts are subject to banning.

How do I play the games?

In order to play the games, you must have created an account and funded it with credits. All games require credits to play. Each game has rules of some sort and can be found on the individual game's pages. Feel free to contact Rand or Tariqat with any questions on the games.

How do I deposit credits/fund my account?

Depositing is a TWO-PART PROCESS. All balances in the GGC Holosite represent REAL SWC CREDITS. You must 1) create a deposit request by going to the GGC Teller AND 2) send the credits to be deposited via Darkness (SWCombine site) to the current administrator, Rand Axim. WITHOUT BOTH OF THESE PARTS YOUR DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED and will be delayed.

How do I withdraw credits?

You can withdraw credits at any time by going to the GGC Teller and creating a withdraw request. You must have the amount requested in your account at the time of making the request. If, when the request is processed by the administrator, your account balance has dropped, it will fail and you will not receive your withdrawal. You will have to make a new request.

The GGC Holosite is a great idea! What can I do to support it?

Although we would never turn down a donation, we suggest that the best thing you can do to support the GGC Holosite is to deposit credits and play! Also, bring your friends and spread the word. The more the merrier.


The site is slow/down!

Occasionally our host has slowdowns or outages, either with our Web servers or mySQL servers. These slowdowns/outages are usually resolved fairly quickly. Try back in a few minutes to a few hours.

Credits were not deposited into my account!

The biggest reason for credit deposits failing are the lack of BOTH parts of the deposit, the DEPOSIT REQUEST and the actual TRANSFER OF CREDITS WITHIN THE COMBINE. Without these two, your deposit cannot be processed. If you have transferred credits to a CREDIT DISTRIBUTOR, remember they are independent contractors and you have to work directly with them to see when they are online. Otherwise, the administrators of the GGC Holosite try to check on requests several times a day, so you may just have to be patient. If you are sure you have done everything correctly and have not received a deposit in 24 hours, send a DM to the current administrator, Rand Axim, and remind him. He is a fallible sentient, after all.

Credits were not send to me after a withdrawal!

Did you have enough credits in your account to make that withdrawal? If you played after making the withdrawal, your balance may have dropped and the withdrawal failed. If you are sure you have done everything correctly and have not received a withdrawal in 24 hours, send a DM to the current administrator, Rand Axim, and remind him. Notifictions can occasionally get overlooked.

I lost my password or need to change my account info!

Contact Rand or Tariqat via DM or IRC, and either can reset your password for you. For changing your account info, click on your name in the account bar just below the GGC top banner. If you need to change anything not possible through the account page, such as the spelling of your handle, contact Rand or Tariqat.

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